North Sikkim is heaven on earth, particularly for a tourist who is a nature lover. North Sikkim has something to offer for everyone. Adventure junkies are sure to adore the place and go for long walks or hikes with their loved ones and friends. Kids and adults – both enjoy the weather, sightseeing in picturesque settings, and mesmerizing sights, of snow-covered peaks, mountainous tracks, and vast open lakes. Mesmerizing cuisines revamp the spirits when the sightseeing fatigues one out.

Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Essentially, North Sikkim is a tourist destination like none other in the country. Kanchenjunga mountain peak of the Himalayas, the second-highest mountain peak in the world undoubtedly makes a top tourist attraction. Exotic wildflowers aboriginal to Sikkim grow on the vast, open, hilly landscapes. Sparkling river such as the river Lachung-Chu are a sight to behold.

Let us take a look at the top 10 tourist destinations that every visitor to Sikkim should visit:


North Sikkim is a tourist destinationLachung is a beautiful village, and the river Lachung runs through it. Lachung is widely perceived as the best spot for a nature lover to visit. It’s a quiet and serene destination.On occasions, Lachung is known as the small pass because it is located close to the Tibet border. One of the major attractions in the town is Lachung Gompa. Another important attraction not to miss when in Lachung is Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. Lachung is also a great destination for procuring handicrafts.

The drive to Lachung from Gangtok is also picturesque. One comes across Naga waterfalls and Seven Sister waterfalls along the way.

Yumthang valley

North Sikkim is a tourist destination

Yumthang valley has a lot to offer for a tourist, in the form of thick rhododendron forests and hot sulphur springs. When over here, one comes across rhododendrons of 24 species. Yumthang valley is hence rightly known as the valley of flowers. There are vast meadows over here, and the River Lachung-chu runs right through the Yumthang valley. So, Yumthung valley is overall a nature-lover’s paradise. Getting to Yumthang valley from Lachung will take around 8 hours. In the valley, it gets dark by around 5:30pm.


Chopta Valley

Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Chopta valley is a premium holiday destination in Sikkim. A few of the tourists believe that it is the best among the lot. If a tourist visits the Chopta valley during spring, it’s an absolute colour fest. The remainder of Sikkim is in a greenish tinge, but Chopta valley is full of wildflowers.

It is from the Chopta valley that the high altitude river, Gurudongmar initiates. The landscape of Chopta valley is essentially distinctive from the remainder of Sikkim, with the high wildflower density.



Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]At Lachen, the picturesque aspect of Sikkim comes alive. Lachen is an example of the unexplored beauty that Sikkim withholds within itself. Lachen is essentially a small settlement, right in the midst of majestic mountains with snow-covered peaks. It has been rightly perceived as a traveller’s dream come true.

The verbal meaning of Lachen is a big pass. It’s a town that lies towards the base of Chopta valley. The famous Cho-Lhamu and Gurudongmar lakes are over here. A tourist has a choice at organizing a 2-day trek that covers all these destinations. Summers are an ideal time for visiting Lachen when the annual Yak race takes place over here.



Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Chungthang is essentially a historic town that is located at the very confluence of the Lachung and Lachen rivers. It is believed that spiritual and religious Gurus, such as Guru Padmasambhava and Guru Nanak have visited this place.

Chunthang also forms an excellent destination as a base camp for Tso-Lhaso Lake, which is also the Tibet border. Alternately, a tourist can create a base camp for Gurodongmar, Thangu, Lachen, Katao, Yumesamdong, Yumthang, and Lachung at Chunthang. Biodiversity of Chunthang is also divine.


Seven sisters waterfalls

Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Seven Sisters waterfalls are located 32 km from Gangtok. Its on the way to Mangan. At the waterfall, the water cascades down beautifully in three distinct steps. Right above the waterfall is a small footbridge. From there, the best view is available for a visitor to see. Now, the waterfall has a fourth drop as well. But to view the fourth drop, a tourist will be required to trek a little bit more.

Overall, the Seven Sisters waterfall is an unbelievable destination for some fun and adventure. A tourist is sure to adore the destination.



Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Mangan is Lachung Lachen’s entry point. It is essentially a base town via which the lesser-known parts of North Sikkim become easier to reach.For northern Sikkim, Mangan is perceived as the preferred market centre. The most popular products in Mangan are cardamoms, oranges, and apples. But from a tourist’s perspective, Mangan is a beautiful place. The views of the Kanchenjunga range are sublime. This makes the destination worthy of a visit.



Gurudongmar Lake

Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Gurudongmar Lake is undoubtedly amongst Sikkim’s most famous destinations. It’s among the highest lakes in the world and is located at an altitude of 5430 m.The origins of Lake Teesta lie in Gurudongmar Lake. The calmness and serenity of Gurudongmar Lake are almost poetic, and so is its sparkling look during the summers.



Green Lake

Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

As an alpine lake, Green Lake flows through the mountains. The destination is also the base camp for Mt. Kanchenjunga. Green Lake is located at an altitude of nearly 500 mts. It is close to the Zemu glacier and creates a great adventure trek. Through its journey, Green Lake passes through blue poppy forests, primulas, and Rhododendrons. The trek from Lachen to Green Lake spans 30 kilometres and is a preferred choice for seasoned trekkers alone. But smaller treks are also available for everyone.


Tosar Lake trek

Top 10 Places in To Visit In [North Sikkim]

Tosar Lake is located at a reasonably high elevation, something in the line of 4000m. It lies between Chola and Mangan range.

At this trek, a tourist treks right up to Tosar Lake, starting from the bottom. The trek initiates at Naksuk, right above the Naga village. The trek runs through pine forests, rhododendrons, bamboo, and dense conifer.



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